Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Brilliant. Just Brilliant.

Just when I had written Jamie Moyer off, he was magnificent tonight. Pedro Martinez started and pitched three good innings before a long rain delay came along. Rather than try to send Martinez out there after that long rain delay, Charlie Manuel instead sent Jamie Moyer to the mound, and Moyer was brilliant tonight Just brilliant.

He threw six shutout innings, giving up just two hits and no walks. He had four strikeouts, and had the Arizona Diamondbacks in his back pocket. Moyer got his 11th win, and was just brilliant tonight, once again proving that someone who knows the art of pitching can win in the major leagues with an 80 MPH fastball that probably wouldn't break a pane of glass.

I have to tip my cap to Jamie Moyer tonight. The consummate professional, he was ready when called upon, and he performed magnificently when he got his chance. Nice work, Jamie. Thank you for a clutch performance when the team really needed you to step up.


  1. Looks like long relief agrees with Mr.Moyer.

  2. Apparently so, Don. He was just brilliant last night. 69 pitches in 6 innings--very efficient and very effective.