Saturday, August 15, 2009

Billy Wagner Redux?

Mets reliever Billy Wagner, the former Phillies closer, is about to come off the disabled list about a year after having Tommy John surgery on his left arm. He has been overpowering during his rehab appearances, but the Muts have Francisco "K-Rod" Rodriguez as their closer, and there is no room for two closers. Apparently, the Muts will be shopping Wagner, who has one more year remaining on his contract.

Although Brad Lidge got a save against the Braves on Friday night, it was another typical Mitch Williams/Brad Lidge save--he gave up a walk, a stolen base and a hit before finally getting the third out. Given Lidge's lack of reliability, I think that the Phillies would be well-served in at least scouting Wagner and seeing if he might be the solution to their bullpen woes. Wagner will certainly have a better chance of winning a World Series in Philadelphia than he ever will in New York.

Wagner, of course, has been the subject of lots of booing in Philly since leaving town, rightfully so. It could be interesting to see him return.....

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