Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back-Up Quarterback Issues

Kevin Kolb injured his knee over the weekend, another of the many injuries that the Eagles have sustained already this training camp. Kolb's injury is particularly worrisome, because if something happens to Donovan McNabb, Kolb at least knows the system and can step in and run the offense. So far as I know, other than third-stringer A. J. Feeley, there isn't another quarterback on the roster who really knows the system. Kolb won't be out all season, or so they say, but right now, they need another quarterback with only Feeley available.

The Birds have signed former Temple quarterback Adam DiMichele yesterday. He is an undrafted rookie who didn't make the team coming out of spring workouts. "I don't think I can put it into words how excited I was," said DiMichele. "The next thing I know I was getting on a flight at 5:30. I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye to a few of my family members. I just packed up and took off." DiMichele passed his physical and joined the team yesterday, and will probably see a few snaps in tonight's first pre-season game against the Patriots. With Kolb injured, Feeley will probably see a lot of snaps tonight.

I will be curious to see how first-round draft pick Jeremy Maclin does tonight in his real debut as an Eagle.

The Eagles broke their training camp yesterday with lots of important injured players and a team that is not especially healthy. It's not a good way to open the pre-season. Let's hope that the rash of injuries is finally over.

UPDATE, 9:22 PM: Michael Vick, the convicted criminal, was definitely NOT what I had in mind when I suggested that the Eagles really need a back-up quarterback.

"I'm happy with my quarterback situation here," said Andy Reid. "I do believe this kid deserves a second chance, and there's nobody better to have in your corner than Tony Dungy, man. He's a class, class act, and I know commissioner Goodell has stood up on the table for the kid, so I'm sure there were some things that happened there that built trust in him. He's got great people in his corner, and I'm pulling for him."

To say that I am disappointed in an Eagles' front office that would let Brian Dawkins leave, but which would sign this criminal doesn't begin to do it justice.

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