Monday, July 20, 2009

Why Is Eric Bruntlett on the Phillies' Roster?

After striking out tonight, Eric Bruntlett's batting average is .130. For reasons I cannot even begin to fathom, Charlie Manuel insists on using this guy as a pinch hitter even though he's not even close to hitting his weight. Offensively, he is less than useless.

Defensively, he's able to play several positions and can fill some holes. I understand that. However, the Phillies are already short on right handed hitting, and having a guy who is WAY below the Mendoza line on the roster is a waste of a roster spot that could be filled by a right handed stick that might occasionally make an offensive contribution to the team. Bruntlett certainly doesn't make offensive contributions to the team, that much is for sure.

There are any number of guys in the farm system who swing a right handed stick who might be able to make a contribution to the team. Or Ruben Amaro could pick up a player like the Phils did last year by acquiring Matt Stairs. For now, though, there is nowhere to put another play. I think that it's unfortunate that management insists on wasting a roster spot on a guy whose only ability to make a contribution is with his glove.

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