Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Would Jake Peavy Be a Good Fit?

There is no question that Jake Peavy is one of the three or four best starting pitchers in the National League.  He has a Cy Young Award to prove it.  He's also the only really talented player left on a Padres team that has been decimated to suit the purposes of its idiot owner, much like the way that Connie Mack raped his Athletics teams.  Peavy has a no-trade clause in his contract, and has already vetoed a trade to the Chicago White Sox.  He has made his preference for the National League clear.

With Brett Myers done for the season, the Phillies need to find another quality starter to take his place in the rotation.  Peavy would be a perfect one-two punch with Cole Hamels and would make the Phils hard to beat on the days when those two start.  However, Peavy is apparently partial to Southern California, having indicated a preference for the Dodgers.  He has also criticized Citizens Bank Park as being a launching pad, so it's questionable whether he would ever approve a trade to Phillies.  That's a shame, because he's giving up his best shot at winning a championship.  He's certainly not going to get one with the Padres, decimated as they are.

Another option is Roy Oswalt, who is also available.  Oswalt is a fine pitcher, but he also comes with a $14 million contract.  The Phils are already heavy on payroll, and the traditionally skittish Phils' ownership may not be willing to absorb that sort of liability.  He's also suffering from a nasty bone bruise on his pitching hand from trying to stab a line drive barehanded.  

Time will tell.  Perhaps Antonio Bastardo will set the league on fire tonight against Peavy, and he will prove to be the sort of solution that Kyle Kendrick was in 2007.  

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