Friday, June 12, 2009

Gambling on Ray Emery

The Flyers are taking a huge chance at goaltender. Instead of re-signing Martin Biron, who played pretty well when he was healthy, the Flyers have signed former Ottawa Senators goalie Ray Emery to be their netminder. Emery is a gifted but troublesome goalie, as well known for his fondness for fisticuffs as for his quick hands. He's been known to go Terrell Owens on his teammates and was described as a cancer in the locker room before the Senators cut him. Emery has been playing in Russia--no NHL team wanted him--and he is definitely a risky acquisition.

"I've learned from those bad experiences, maybe more than I learned from the good times," said Emery at the press conference after his signing. "I went through a lot the last two years or so. I realize I had a great thing going there and lost a lot of people that I enjoyed hanging out with on a daily basis. I want to get back to having those good relationships and enjoying my workplace and the sport because it's a great position to have."

He has been saying all of the right things: "This is a fresh start for me. I'm excited that they're giving me the opportunity. This is a great young team. . . . I came back to a Stanley Cup-contending team. Any goalie in the league would want to play here, so I consider myself lucky."

Time will tell. Let's hope that Emery was telling the truth, and let's hope that he was sincere. We can only hope he was, or else the Flyers won't be going anywhere next year, either.

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